Swasth Community Science Alliance & NORM

About our Collaboration

The Swasth Community Science Alliance (CSA) is collaborating with NORM to address the COVID-19 Pandemic in communities by:

  1. Normalizing the use of masking
  2. Adhering to science-based COVID-19 treatment protocols
  3. Strengthening vaccine preparedness

This M-T-V approach offers an integrated, nuanced response to managing COVID-19 in resource-poor settings until herd immunity is achieved through vaccination.

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  • NORM is a collaboration between researchers at Yale, Stanford, IPA and BRAC that has successfully demonstrated persistent mask adoption in a cohort 340,000 persons across 600 villages in Bangladesh.

    Focused on sustained behavioral changes, the NORM program is working with partners in India to promote masking and vaccine readiness

  • The CSA is an alliance of over 150+ healthcare organisations in the country, including hospitals, rural health NGOs, insurers, health tech, med-tech, and others, seeking to leverage digital health technologies to drive integrated care models.
  • The CSA provides step-by-step guidance to implement scientifically sound COVID-19 monitoring and treatment strategies for COVID CARE and at-home treatments in resource-constrained settings, by providing content libraries, training programs, prevention strategies, and more.

Our Partners

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