Home Monitoring Services

The following resources are intended to assist in the setup of home and community-based COVID-19 monitoring programs. All resources are open source and publicly available. They are crowdsourced and vetted by our domestic and international partners. Multiple languages will soon be available. 

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Our team will meet with you to review program design, implementation and goals to determine what support we can provide you.

How We Work

The Science Alliance provides evidence-based guidance on the Design, Implementation,and Evaluation of home- and community-based COVID-19 care programs, currentlyincluding home-based self-monitoring and COVID-19 clinical care facilities that can provideoxygen support.

Interested institutions may request a remote consultation for us to understand your needs.Services provided include:

  1. Remote consultation at any stage of Design, Implementation or Evaluation.
  2. SOPs for home or community-based monitoring, clinical management and referral pathways.
  3. Training materials for your community health workers and clinical staff.
  4. Health information management tools

Why is this helpful?

The misinformation pandemic has resulted in sub-optimal care for hundreds of thousands of patients who are being prescribed unwarranted, non-validated, or unnecessary diagnostic tests and therapeutics. Our domestic and international network of science advisors have streamlined scalable operational guidelines to provide evidence-based care to the vast majority of COVID-19 patients (who will only have mild or moderate disease), whose clinical outcomes can be improved by timely and appropriate interventions.

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