Swasth Community Science Alliance

From April to October 2021, CSA resources were widely disseminated and used across India to counter the rampant misinformation among both, society as well as medical practitioners.


Our Resources

Our public resources include ready-to-deploy kits for administrators, community health workers, and clinical personnel staffing home-based COVID-19 care programs and care centers. These kits provide key monitoring, treatment, and referral guidelines that are appropriate for resource-constrained contexts, in addition to data-management tools and a consultation helpline. These resources were developed by Drs Shitij Arora, Satchit Balsari, Rajani Bhat, Charuta Mandke, Manoj Mohanan, and Amita Sudhir


Home Monitoring

COVID-19 Care Centre

Our purpose

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India has been marked by debilitating misinformation about the course of the disease and its appropriate management, contributing to an alarming rise in complications, suffering, and death. The CSA is a partnership of community-based organizations, frontline clinicians, and leading scientists from India and the Indian diaspora that seeks to develop a community of practice committed to advancing evidence-based COVID-19 care, contextualized to rural India. The CSA will provide a suite of timely clinical resources for use in rural and urban settings, all vetted for scientific accuracy. 

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